Rafael Soriano


Rafael Soriano (November 23, 1920 – April 9, 2015) was a Cuban painter who lived in the United States. Soriano was born on November 23, 1920 in Cidra, Matanzas Province, Cuba. He was studied at the San Alejandro Art Academy in Havana. During his studies, he met the critic José Gómez-Sicre and painters Víctor Manuel and Fidelio Ponce. With them he had a close friendship


He has started painting in 1940s, and soon became one of the primary practitioners of concrete art in Cuba and Latin America. In 1943, he became a professor. In 1962, he left Cuba and he came to the United States with his wife, Milagros, and their daughter, Hortensia. In November 2008, the Miami Dade College West Campus in Doral, Florida hosted an Soriano exhibit titled Between the Mystic and the Spiritual.

Rafael Soriano - La Tiara Olivdada

Rafael Soriano - La Tiara Olivdada

La Tiara Olivdada - 1981

Oil on Canvas

24 x 20 inches (60cm x 50cm)

Signed and Dated 1981

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