Albert Bitran


Albert Bitran was born in Istanbul in 1931. He studies at the Collège Saint Michel, where he obtained the Turkish and French bachelor degrees. At 17, he went to Paris to study architecture which he quickly abandoned to devote himself to painting.


A painter and sculptor, Albert Bitran was a leading artist in the post-war art scene. Bitran’s rigorously constructed work endeavoured to achieve a synthesis of elements of form from geometric abstraction and the lyrical palette of ‘warm’ abstraction. His work is associated with the Lyrical Abstraction movement. Of Turkish origin, the artist Albert Bitran also formed a link between the East and the West, between the culture of the Mediterranean and the artistic sensibilities of Northern Europe, where his work would be particularly appreciated.

Albert Bitran - Atelier en pleine lumiere

Albert Bitran - Atelier en pleine lumiere

Atelier en pleine lumiere - 1963

Oil on Canvas

38 x 51 inches (97cm x 130cm)

Signed and Dated 1963

Galerie Ariel Label on Verso

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