Andre Lanskoy


André Lanskoy (31 March 1902 – 24 August 1976) was a Russian painter and printmaker born in Moscow who worked in France. After 1905, the family moved to St. Petersburg, the capital in 1909.


In 1918, he moved to Kiev where he painted his first paintings. During the Russian Civil War he fought in the White Army. After an injury he moved to Constantinople and in 1921, he went to Paris. In 1923, he participated in his first group exhibitions of Russian painters at the La Licorne Gallery in Paris. After 1937, his paintings began a transition towards abstraction and he studied both Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. After 1942, he painted only abstract works. In 1944, Lanskoy exhibited at the Jeanne Bucher Gallery in Paris where he met Nicolas de Staël. In 1948, he showed at the Louis Carré Gallery and in 1951 at the Galerie Jacques Dubourg. He worked for fourteen years until his death on this project resulting in 150 collages and 80 lithographs.

Andre Lanskoy - Abstract Composition

Andre Lanskoy - Abstract Composition

Abstract Composition

Oil on Canvas

16 x 13 inches (40cm x 33cm)

Signed Circa 1960

Provenance: Collection of Rene Rasmussen, Paris

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